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Mrs. Jenkins is a Native of Philadelphia and graduate of the Philadelphia public school system.  She graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Business Administration in 1981and was previously Employed as a Labor Relations Specialist with the federal government (IRS) for fourteen years.  Mrs. Jenkins earned her Master's degree in Special Education Graduated from Cheyney University in 1998.  After her 4th year of teaching, Mrs. Jenkins achieved the esteemed distinction of being the third National Board Certified Teacher in the Philadelphia School District.  While working in various management and coaching positions in the district, she earned her principal certification from Cheyney University in 2007.  Ms. Jenkins was appointed to Roxborough High School in September of 2008, as assistant principal and worked together with Mr. Brandt to implement a model reform effort.  In June 2013, Mrs. Jenkins was honored with the district's Marcus Foster, Outstanding Administrator of the Year Award.  As the newly appointed principal of Roxborough High School, Mrs. Jenkins mission is to continue moving forward with the instituted reform initiatives, implement the new Pennsylvania Common Core Standards with fidelity, and to move the school forward to a "Wall to Wall" Academies model.  Mrs. Jenkins advises that, although  the student body has increased by approximately 150 students and the school has experienced significant decreases in staff and resources, Roxborough High School, with the remaining dedicated staff, is on track to reach new heights during the 2013-2014 school year.  



Dana A. Jenkins, Principal

Roxborough High School

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