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Alumni Scholarship Winners 2023


We are pleased to announce the following graduates of the class of 2023 are winners of Roxborough High Alumni Scholarships. Each student will receive $1000 a year for a total of $4000.


Solomon Shasanmi received the Alumni/Felton Scholarship to Howard University. His intended major is Computer Science. He has worked as an intern at Penn in the Cancer Biology Department.


Kennedy Griffin received an Alumni Scholarship to Lincoln University where she hopes to major in Nursing..


Michael J. El received an Alumni Scholarship to St. Joseph’s University in New York. He graduated first in his class and plans to study Nursing.


Garisha Smith received an Alumni Scholarship to Cabrini University and plans to study Nursing


Hy-deiah Jenkins received an Alumni Scholarship to Cheyney University and will be studying Chemistry or Biology.


Angelina Rose Patete received an Alumni Scholarship to the Kutztown University and plans to study Art Education.

In Angelina’s thank you note to the Alumni she said, ”My senior year I had to transfer to my neighborhood school, Roxborough High, and I think it was the best decision that I ever made. I met so many awesome people and found the sense of community that I was seeking. I quickly became involved in my school community and now I'm proud to be Roxborough alumni. At Roxborough, the teachers truly love their students and cared about their well-being. You could feel the sense of community throughout the school. I plan to be a teacher and hope I can love and inspire my students like my Roxborough teachers did for me."


We wish these graduates continued success as they embark on their college careers.

We would also like to thank all Alumni who have generously donated to our Scholarship Fund which enables us to award yearly scholarships to deserving graduates!


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